Business Casual Attire For Indian Women

In business meetings, Indian women must wear conservative yet elegant clothing. If they are seated, they should wear a skirt. High necked dresses and long sleeve tops should be avoided. Loose-fitting clothes are more comfortable in the hot Indian sun. Sandals should be reserved for sightseeing, and closed-toe pumps are recommended. A scarf or head covering is appropriate for outdoor activities such as swimming.

An elegant blouse, preferably in a fine pattern, should be worn with the trousers. A casual jacket over a boring shirt can be worn to add flair. Turtlenecks, button-front blouses, and polos are other fun options. A skirt or a saree can also be worn as an office outfit. If it’s warm outside, you can ditch the suit and embrace the kurti or saree.

For the most part, Indian women wear western-style clothing in business settings. While saris have a traditionally conservative look, modern Indian women are increasingly opting for western-style attire. The latest trends are inspired by Hollywood and Victoria’s Secret models. In addition, many rich Indian students go abroad for university, so their tastes and styles are also influenced by those in the west. When traveling abroad, women should be aware of the cultural differences between dressing up and being conservative.

The choice of footwear is an essential element of Indian business attire. Choose black or dark faux-leather shoes and avoid pastel-colored sneakers. The right footwear can make or break your day. Avoid ergonomic slippers or flats; these footwear aren’t suitable for business settings. And don’t forget your accessories. If you’re unsure of what to wear to a business setting, look for an Indian woman who is already well-dressed in the corporate world.

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