NFL Offseason Routine

Most NFL players spend Tuesdays at their training facility, working on skill-building, conditioning, and studying game film. On Wednesday, they go through a pivotal day in their week. Coaches know what went wrong on Sunday and what needs to be worked on to perform better against the opponent they’ll face on Thursday. Wednesday is also known as install day when the players learn their new playbook and work on resolving any issues they had with their team during the previous week.

In addition to completing their weekly workouts, NFL players spend time studying opponents’ tape and working through their core units. Then, they complete their second weightlifting session of the week. Players are typically out of the facility by early Friday morning. This routine is vital to the players’ preparation for specific game situations. After all, they work hard five days a week. And losing games can lead to temper flares and major blowups in the media.

On Monday, NFL players head to rookie minicamp. Rookies spend four days on the field, Monday through Thursday, with Wednesday off. They also work on the offense and defense during rookie minicamp. Rookies receive limited live reps against the practice squad during these two weeks. Then, the veteran players work on their kickoffs and returns, as well as the special teams. It’s all part of the offseason routine duysnews .

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