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The Best Street Wear Fashion Forums

There are numerous forums dedicated to streetwear. Each one has its own style and flare, but there are some common threads that unify these diverse communities. The key to these communities is that they encourage discussion and allow everyone to contribute. While many people enjoy posting photos of their wares, this isn’t the ideal setting for sharing your latest finds. Rather, you’ll find many people who are passionate about the same kind of apparel and are happy to talk about it.

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There are many different forums that focus on street wear. Some have more than others, and some cater to different demographics. The best of these are usually moderated by an expert in the field. While some forums tend to be active and friendly, others have an older, more traditional feel to them. Some forums are more open to new members and have an archive of posts dating back almost a decade. You can see how a style changes over time and what pieces of clothing stand the test of time.

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/r/streetwear is the oldest streetwear forum online, with over 600 thousand members. It’s a great place to discuss the grails of streetwear. Dan Hart-Davies, a former design student, even created a fashion magazine based on the Reddit forum. It featured 98 pages. Those are the people that make the best forums, and you’ll find plenty of inspiration there.

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