The Steps to Plan a Beautiful Beach Wedding

It’s wedding season! And what better place to have your wedding than at the beach? There are several gorgeous beach wedding venues in Sydney for those planning to get married in Australia.

It is becoming increasingly popular to have beach weddings in Sydney. The place has the most beautiful beach wedding locations. Whether you want to be at the beach or view it from a clifftop, Sydney does not disappoint.

In 2022, 90% of couples getting married have chosen to have a destination wedding, so why shouldn’t you? Having a beach wedding in Sydney takes off a lot of pressure because there’s so much natural beauty, reducing the need for too much planning. So, below is everything you need to look into before your wedding day at the beach. Let’s get started.

Steps to plan your wedding

Your wedding day can be very stressful if it hasn’t been planned properly. When you’re having a party and calling so many people, you must ensure the wedding venue looks good, and everything is in order. But before you do that, there are some steps you should follow to make sure your wedding well-planned!

Pick the location of your dreams

Sydney has a ton of gorgeous beach venues that are perfect for a wedding. The most popular is Cronulla beach. Most people love it because it is the perfect and ideal spot for a wedding. There are plenty of more options, and each one is stunning in its own way.

When looking at resorts in Sydney, you should find out if they have a private place to host a wedding. Some resorts have this, making it much easier for you and your guests.

Make sure to check the weather forecast

The best months to get married in Sydney are March and November. During these months, the weather is perfect, which is why it’s the most popular time for weddings. It is neither too sticky nor too cold.

However, you must check the weather forecast before you make any bookings, just to be sure. A sudden Hurricane or heavy rain could ruin everything, and you will have to postpone or cancel the wedding, so try to get an accurate weather check. Though, with global warming, you can never be too sure.

Make the necessary arrangements

If the weather suddenly changes and pours, have a backup plan. You can ask the resort/ even planner if it’s possible to get a big tent to cover the whole area. This prevents you from moving the party indoors.

Another thing you need is to get a permit to have a public beach ceremony in Sydney. This is a necessary document, without which you won’t be able to get married at the beach. It is easy to get since you have to complete a form online.


Sydney has a lot of beautiful Churches, so once you’re done saying your “I do’s”, it’s time to head on to the after-party. Having it at one of the stunning beach wedding venues in Sydney will be a good decision. If you are from Sydney, it saves you the trouble of heading out of state to get married at the beach.

Your wedding day will be memorable, so make sure it’s extra unique and beautiful. Make sure to plan according to the steps above, and everything will go smoothly.

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