Top 5 Fun Learning Apps For Kids

Kids can learn about the world with Google Earth. Kids can zoom in and out of their homes to learn about the various countries. They can even search for famous landmarks. This is a great open-ended learning app, so parents should encourage their kids to explore it. And for more education, try the Science for Kids app. It features a variety of videos explaining science concepts and famous scientists. It’s like an encyclopedia for children!

Another good app for kids is Fractions Jam. It helps kids learn fractions while having fun. This game is research-proven and geared toward kids aged 5 and up. It’s free to download and can be used for the entire family. And best of all, it doesn’t require complicated set-up. This app is great for kids of all ages and is available on both Android and iOS.

Thinkrolls: Kids love playing games that encourage thinking. ABCmouse encourages your child to think before rolling in the maze. This app also asks them to learn about colors, shapes, and animals, while building their memory and fine motor skills. It even includes a large library of over 40,000 books, making it perfect for kids. And it’s easy for parents to customize the learning levels for their kids.

LightBot: Another great app for kids is the educational puzzle game, which helps kids learn about how different mechanisms affect one another. Children play with the robotic character as they guide it around the maze. Kids can learn how to program by using the various commands and hints given to it. It has 50 levels and 20 challenge stars. It is a featured app on Apple in over 100 countries and has won several awards.



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