Top Maintenance Tips For Your Two-Way Radio System

Two-way radio systems are the most handy outdoor communication tools. These radios cover your communication in rough terrain where cell phone coverage isn’t present. Furthermore, with new technological innovations making their way into the wireless communications industry, these radios get increasingly feature-rich by the day.

The Australian telecommunications services industry is valued at AUD 24.84 billion, handing out more range and making these radios more technologically equipped.

No matter how excellent the quality of the radio is, you still have to do your bit in maintaining it. So, how must one maintain and care for their digital two way radio? Read on to know more about it.

Tips for maintaining your Two-Way Radio System

Here are some of the top tips to help you maintain your two-way radio system:

1. Storage

It would be best to keep your radio safe when you aren’t using it. Hence, make sure that you store it right. Ideally, try and keep the radio in a dry place at room temperature. Also, make sure you keep it out of direct sunlight or extremities in temperature.

Also, when not in use, make sure that the radio is turned off. While you are at it, remove the batteries as well.

2. Charging

While charging, you must make sure that you use batteries or chargers compatible with your particular device. If you use ones incompatible with your device, it might cause damage.

Also, keep in mind that overcharging isn’t a good thing either. Overcharging might have a negative impact on the overall battery health of your radio.

Do not leave your radio charging overnight if it has some charge left in it. This might play right into the hands of the overcharging issue.

3. Day-to-day use

It would be best to be mindful of how you use your radios on a daily basis. These radios might be durable; however, they must still be treated with care. Here are some pointers to help you take care of them the right way.

  • Do not grab your radio by the antenna. This will affect your radio’s transmission quality and signal.
  • If you want to use accessories, make sure that they are made specifically for your radio brand. Plugging in accessories that are incompatible might cause harm to your radio.
  • Keep the radio away from moisture. Please do not use them in extreme conditions unless you absolutely have to.
  • Keep them away from solvents in extreme surrounding conditions.

4. Cleaning your radio

Make sure you clean your two way radio system well. Ensure you avoid cleaning sprays and industrial cleaners to wipe your radio. Just wipe the radio down with a cloth, and make sure you don’t let dust accumulate on it.

If you take your radios out in extremely dusty conditions, give them a wipe-down every day after work. In this case, you should prefer getting dust and dirt-proof radios.

Wrapping up

Two-way radios are generally known for their durability. The better quality you get, the higher their durability. However, they need to be cared for as well for them to function at their promised capacity.

So if you own a digital two way radio, or intend on owning one in the near future, keep these tips and tricks in mind. Take good care of your two-way radio system to make the most out of it.

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